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    ADEFA LLC provides freight forwarding services to participants of exhibitions, fairs and other events in Crocus Expo as well as on other sites of 5 continents.

    Examples of such services are:

    • re-registration in imports from temporary import and export from temporary export (incl. using Carnet ATA)
    • coordination (admissionn) for the import and export of exhibits, travel to the RDP area
    • cargo handling (RDP, storage of packaging, ordering of technical equipment for mounting works on the stand, unpacking / packaging)
    • extension of the terms of temporary admission for the participation of exhibits in several exhibitions on the territory of the Russian Federatio
    • provision of transit of these goods to other sites
    • dispatch of air cargo to reduce the delivery time
    • Consolidation of goods from several exhibition events into one car, thereby reducing the cost of delivering your goods
    • payments for services both through the partners of residents of the country of origin / destination and direct

    One of the demonstrative projects of ADEFA LLC are freight forwarding services for: Cannes, Innotrans-2012/2014 Berlin, BAUMA-2013 Munic, BIBF Shanghai, Agritechnika-2013/2015, , "IfAT-14" Munic, "SIBF-2015", Sharjah.


    “ADEFA” LLC Crocus Expo Exhibition centr, office 210, Expo - 1 build,
    65 - 66 km of MKAD, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk
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    Fax: +7(495)223-40-29
    Handy: +7(985)763-93-62
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    TEMPORARY IMPORT (EXPORT) - the customs regime in which the use of goods in the customs territory of the Russian Federation or abroad is allowed with full or partial exemption from customs duties and taxes and without the application of economic policy measures. Permission for goods to be granted by the customs authority of the Russian Federation if it is possible to ensure their reliable identification and in accordance with the procedure established by the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation. Temporarily imported (exported) goods are subject to return in an unchanged condition, except for changes due to natural wear or loss under normal conditions of transportation and storage.

    The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that permits the tax-free and duty-free temporary export and import of goods. The Carnet eliminates the need to purchase temporary import bonds. So long as the goods are re-exported within the allotted time frame, no duties or taxes are due. Failure to re-export all or some of the goods listed on the Carnet results in the payment of applicable duties and taxes. Failure to remit those duties results in a claim from the foreign customs service to the importer's home country.

    ATA Carnet allows the temporary importation virtually all types of goods:

    • Goods for display or use at exhibitions, fairs, meetings or similar events
    • Professional Equipment
    • Equipment for the press or for sound or television broadcasting
    • Cinematographic equipment
    • Other equipment - equipment for erection, testing, commissioning, checking, control, maintenance or repair of machinery, plant, means of transport, etc.
    • Vehicles designed or specially adapted for the certain purposes, such as mobile inspection units, travelling workshops and travelling laboratories
    • Containers, pallets, packings, samples and other goods imported in connection with a commercial operation